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The importance of pausing (and upcoming retreat for women)

Updated: Feb 9

This year feels like it’s started with a huge bang with lots of creative energy that is sparking and moving into the world. The call to create spaces for women to connect, heal and reflect through the embrace of nature has finally manifested and I am delighted to be hosting our first women’s retreat on 17th February here in Maleny.  I can’t wait to hold a day of connection and nourishment with other women.  Alongside, I'm loving the work with my new coaching clients, supporting them to connect to themselves and what really matters through forging empowering new pathways. Other nature based and transformational processes are in the works, check them out at our website.


All this creative juiciness has been potent but it’s also somewhat hectic juggling so many projects; work projects, house projects, health projects, life projects…I’m sure you can relate! Sometimes it is difficult to hold that important polarity of creative action and pausing stillness….


But fortunately, nature helps me to remember both…whenever I feel that manic energy bubbling in my body (and notice it!) I try to take a moment to pause, come out of my head and onto the earth.  The place of remembering and wisdom. The place where deep listening is possible…listening to the body, the heart, the rhythms and cycles of life. To ancient knowing that lies within. All become more available in this pausing space.


I spent the whole month of November last year practicing a type of earth meditation – where for 30 minutes (at least) each day, I sat in our little patch of rainforest, observing, pausing, listening, and building my awareness of myself and the interconnected world around me.  By slowing down I was able to let nature’s wisdom and guidance touch and work through me. This practice has transformed my relationship to myself, providing deep wisdom and clarity (and sometimes therapy!) and connected me in whole new ways to life and the earth community.  Re-remembering my inherent connection and belonging to the natural world, and my unique role and contribution in it, has been so so nourishing and beautiful.


And through this practice, I noticed that life around me is always full of busy activity, the birds, insects, and animals are all full of life (particularly at dawn when I usually sit!) but there are also long periods of rest and pausing. Last week I observed a young wallaby lie in the shade during the heat of the day for 5 hours! What a long deep nourishing pause that must have been for her.  And a beautiful reminder for me.  Multiple times during the day I would stop whatever work/email/life thing was pulling my attention and pause to observe her.  A beautiful connection of pausing together.


I hope your 2024 has started with both creative energy and space for pausing.  But if you’ve forgotten to pause (which we all do), I’d invite you to spend time each day with your (bare) feet on the earth, or sitting in your garden, or in some small way connecting with and observing the natural world. Take some time to pause. And listen. It’s amazing what these small moments can do for the body, mind, and soul.


But if you would like a more intentional practice, and deeper space to connect to yourself, and what calls on your heart – I’d invite you to come along to the women’s retreat next weekend.  There are just a few spots remaining. Click here to check it out.


Until next time,


Yours warmly and wildly,



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