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Rachael has been on a long journey of discovery throughout her professional and personal life.  Throughout her career, she has worked at the intersection of environmental issues and social justice and is passionate about creating wholeness and healing with people and the planet.  The three rivers that shape her life and work are based on developing a deeper connection to herself, meaningful connection to others, and connection and care for the greater earth community. 


She is a qualified yoga teacher and NLP coach, and brings these transformational mindset and embodiment methods to her individual and group processes. She is immersed in nature-based healing modalities and uses these practices to support people to reconnect to their life-gifts and innate wisdom in order to restore wholeness and balance with their lives and the living world.

Rachael offers:

- Life coaching that deepens connection to self, others or the earth community 

- Individual or group supervision

- Nature-connection immersions with women

- Day and overnight soul walks

Rachael's greatest joy comes from a deep connection with nature and the embodiment of yoga, both of which she practices daily. Although she has been fortunate to explore (and live) in many parts of the world, her most favourite place is Girraween National Park, or, place of flowers, in the granite belt region of Queensland.

From the age of 20, Peter has been on a journey of social practice, deeply shaped by three powerful rivers. The first, a river of dialogue, has informed decades of community and social development practice. This river still flows strong. The second, the river of soul has taken Peter into the depths of personal and social worlds, inviting an understanding of the ritual and mythic elements of social change. The third river of phenomenology is the flow that most informs this poetic and delicate activism river, one that is most alive to Peter now.

Peter has been a writer or co-writer/editor of 15 books and over 60 professional journal articles on community development. See his website for more information about this work.


Peter is a:

- co-custodian of The Three Rivers Initiative

- host of Pete’s Podcast on Community Development 

- senior social practitioner and director of Community Praxis Co-op 

- an honorary associate professor at Deakin Uni (Australia), and visiting professor at Uni of the Free State (South Africa)


But more importantly, he loves reading, walking, sitting by a fire under the moon or stars, wandering daily in Mary Cairncross Park, exploring his bioregion, being with friends, sipping a coffee at dawn, and going to bed about 8.30pm (yes, he’s a lark, not an owl).

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