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Yadji Gadji (Welcome) to our site. Our names are Rachael Donovan and Peter Westoby and we
walk this life journey as soul mates, life partners and through a shared commitment to bringing
individual and collective healing to the world. The Three Rivers Initiative was birthed as a living
idea from the Otter Pools in Towerland, South Africa in 2016, was given initial form in Peter's latest
book in 2022, and now is given further structural form in 2023 through various offerings.


It is our effort to support genuine connection within ourselves, throughout our communities and
in deep communion with the natural world.
 We both have a long history and passion working in community, youth, social and organisational development both in Australia and internationally. From this work, we've developed a desire to create supportive environments where individuals can come
together to learn, grow, and heal, both as individuals and in communities. Our work is grounded
in the practical practice of the dialogue tradition, but also integrates a variety of embodied, nature-
based and mindfulness practices that support the process of seeing, connection

and wholeness.

We both love and are completely at home in the natural world and spend lots of time hiking, swimming and embarking on wilderness adventures. We are blessed to live and work on Jinibara Country in Maleny, Queensland, the land of the lawyer vine, beautiful hills, wild rainforests and stunning waterholes. We honour, recognise and respect this land and the First Nations people who have
cared for and nurtured it over thousands of years. We acknowledge the sovereignty of the Jinibara

and Gubbi Gubbi peoples' of the Sunshine Coast.

Get in touch to learn more about our work and offerings, we'd love to hear from you.


Rachael and Peter, July 2022, K'gari Island

Rachael and Peter,  K'gari Island, July 2022

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