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Wunya and Welcome to our blog

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We come to you from Jinibara country Maleny, having just returned from a few days deeply connected to the Mountains of the Scenic Rim and Mt Barney and blissfully disconnected from the manic machine-tech world. The fresh crisp air of Autumn has finally arrived and with it an array of new bird and wildlife, the black crested cockatoos sweep overhead with raucous delight. We are counting down to a 4 month pilgrim road trip through Eastern and Central Australia, a time to fully immerse and disconnect from frantic life-draining energies and reconnect to a greater sense of what matters. We leave mid May 2023 and will be sharing our Three Rivers Journey along the way.

Three Rivers of Dialogue, Soul and Reflective Practice

Three Rivers of Connection - to Self, Community and Country

And Three Rivers of Personal, Cultural and Structural Healing

All explored through deep listening and connection to place and country.

We would love you to join us for the journey. Subscribe below to get all the future updates.

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