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Nature immersions

"When you listen to nature, 

Both outside and within you,

You find answers to the questions that plague your heart...

Nature is the ultimate teacher, therapist, ally and friend. 

The place where you truly belong.”


Rachael Donovan, your Nature Immersion guide & co-host

Do you long for quiet space to connect to yourself and your own inner wisdom?
Are you longing for deep connection where you can finally release the tension of life and drop into your deeper heart space?
Are you yearning for more clarity, peace and rejuvenation?


Join us to immerse in nature, where you will guided by the wisdom of earth to come back to your own true self.


In this exclusive women’s only retreat, you’ll learn powerful nature connection practices to help you settle your mind, relax your body, and come home to your deepest self. 


Through intentional dialogue with the natural world, you’ll be able to hit the refresh button and become more aligned and alive to your inner nature, remembering who you really are.


This nature immersion retreat will support you to:


slow down your monkey mind and connect to your instinctual self

use all of your senses and mindfulness to feel deeply connected to the natural world

seek and find answers to questions that have been plaguing you

feel nourished through a deep sense of belonging as an earth inhabitant

connect to your deepest desires and cultivate a sense of wholeness 

Women's nature immersion walk
Women's nature immersion walk
18 Aug 2024, 8:30 am – 12:00 pm
Sunshine Coast
Your hosts

Jody Blackburn

This experience felt very nurturing, safe and spacious. I was able to truly slow down, open up, and be in relationship with another being. I found this both grounding and opening, calming my monkey mind

Tina Lathouras

We were encouraged to come with an intention for the day - a question we wanted to explore. I was amazed at how the nature connection processes helped me come up with an answer.

Helen Coles

The retreat was very gentle and gave me the opportunity to unravel after a stressful week. The property lent itself perfectly for meditation, reflection, connection and allowed me to breathe deeply. I felt held and supported by the Circle of women and witnessed others feeling that safety to enable the sharing of their stories 

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