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Reflective Practice

Do you feel the need to slow down, pause and re-set?


Are you feeling caught up in the manic machine of the modern world? 

Is there tension gathering in your belly, back and shoulders that indicates a need to breathe?


Would you like to build your reflective skills, observational muscles and sensitivity to social and ecological processes? 

If so, join us for a one-day workshop in embodied reflective social practice.

This one-day workshop explores the question of how we engage with living processes in our lives through a series of embodied and reflective practice activities.

As a way of both doing and being the workshop supports people's inner and outer development through several practical activities based on the themes: observation and attuning to aliveness. 


These activities take many forms including but not limited to:  

  • reflective observation that develops intimate encounters with other (both human and more-than-human), 

  • art journalling that develops the capacity to pay attention and to work with living ways of seeing

  • gentle movement that connects mind, body and breath to support the participant's body observation and awareness

  • mindfulness meditation enables observation of the mind without reaction and a deeper connection to the present moment


The workshop will be based on experiential activities combined with individual, small group and larger-group reflection processes. It will support a deepened and renewed sense of self and provide an opportunity to practice a new form of individual and collective activism to bring healing to the world.

The ideas in this workshop come from Peter's new book which can be pre-purchased (for an extra $50) or bought at the workshop. 

Contact us, to organise a workshop with your team or group.

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